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Delivery Information

The information provided in this notification is unofficial, as it can be subject to continuous changes by the relevant authorities of each country.

For customers in the Gulf region, it is recommended that a single order for customers in the Gulf region does not contain more than twenty products. To avoid any potential customs duties, it is advised that the order's value does not exceed 1000 Saudi Arabian Riyals or the equivalent in local currencies.

For customers in Egypt, customs duties on plant-based products can reach up to 100% of the total value. The entry of certain products like honey might be denied. Please verify with official sources in your country before placing an order.

For customers in other Northern African countries, customs duties on items listed in the packages may be updated, so please refer to your local laws before ordering from Türk Organics.

Free shipping promotions do not apply to orders of 5 items or more for customers located in conflict zones and hazardous areas. Kindly check local laws before placing an order.

For customers in Canada, some shipments might incur Value Added Tax (VAT) (approximately $100 in value). Please ensure before sending the order.

For customers in the EU region, VAT might be applied to some postal packages with a value exceeding $100 USD or equivalent.

Customers from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and India are kindly requested to provide identification, VAT, or Passport numbers to prepare shipping documents as per the request of local authorities of these countries.

All the above information comes in the context that Türk Organics is a retail E-store selling herbal products directly to customers for non-commercial personal use.

The provided information aims to ensure compliance with local laws and remind our valued customers of potential various taxes on their shipments, so that they are not surprised by unexpected charges.

Türk Organics provides products to customers worldwide through logistics companies such as Aramex, UPS, and FedEx.
Customers, by confirming orders and either paying the shipping fees directly or benefiting from available free shipping opportunities, accept that Türk Organics is responsible for paying the shipping fees to the addresses they provided in Turkey.
Apart from shipping fees, Türk Organics is not responsible for customs duties, VAT, or other taxes applied in some countries like "Egypt, certain EU countries, Canada, some African countries, Syria, etc." Therefore, we recommend customers to be informed about local laws before confirming orders. Failure to pay customs duties by the customer, leading to the return or damage of the products by local authorities, is entirely the customer's responsibility.
Türk Organics apologizes for not providing free shipping offers in conflict zones and hazardous areas such as "Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Venezuela," as these areas are subject to constant updates.
Türk Organics, as per the contract with shipping companies, commits to delivering the shipment to the address provided by the customer, including up to two visits to the address. In some cases, due to incorrect or incomplete addresses, or customers not receiving the shipment for unspecified reasons, Türk Organics incurs extra charges.
If the customer provides an incorrect or incomplete address, is not frequently present at the given address, refuses to accept the shipment without reason, or fails to receive the shipment after the second visit, the shipment will be transferred to the nearest branch of the shipping company until the customer receives it. In case of non-receipt, the shipment will be destroyed or returned without any financial liability on Türk Organics.
After order confirmation, Türk Organics prepares the shipment and delivers it to the shipping company within 3 business days, excluding National Holidays, Official Holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
• Türk Organics is not responsible for any type of import tax applied to postal packages in countries such as India, Pakistan, Egypt, Gabon, etc. Türk Organics is not responsible for blocking certain goods from entering certain countries like China, India, and others, as well as Egypt, Namibia, and others.
• In some cases, shipments are delayed due to logistical reasons such as "weather conditions, incorrect addresses, etc." or official reasons such as "verification by security or customs authorities, etc." or other urgent reasons. In all these exceptional cases, Türk Organics is not liable for any delays.
Packaging, Damaged Shipments:
Türk Organics follows the highest security standards when packaging products before shipment. Products are double-packaged with protective materials covering both inner and outer packaging.
In some cases, due to mishandling by certain shipping or customs personnel, some shipments might sustain damage. Türk Organics investigates each case and forwards complaints on behalf of customers to the carrier. However, Türk Organics is not responsible for compensating for any shipment damaged due to shipping operations.