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Maccun Mesir Paste In The Jar 460 Gr

Maccun Mesir Paste In The Jar 460 Gr
Maccun Mesir Paste In The Jar 460 Gr
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  • This product is 100% natural, licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Food.
  • Manisa Turkish Paste approved by the famous Turkish Paste Manufacturers Association.
  • An ancient herbal mixture dating back to five centuries in Turkey, used by everyone, some scholars attribute the longevity and the good health of Turkish people to it.
  • In 2019 this product was considered a part of the World Heritage by UNESCO.
  • This product strengthens the body's immunity and increases the speed and strength of the immune system's response to virus attacks.
  • Product components eliminate free radicals that cause tissue erosion.
  • This product does not kill viruses but rather strengthens the body's immune system.
  • No chemical preservatives or additives.
  • It strengthens the body's immune system and raises its resistance to diseases, especially influenza.
  • Safe for all people except diabetes, for adults and children, for women and men.

Made from 41 different spices
With the scientific studies made, the spices in the mesir paste; It was stated that it has a supportive effect in the treatment of diseases such as germ breaker, stomach soothing, rheumatism, inflammation, appetite, milk enhancer and urinary tract. Mesir paste has a lot of stimulation thanks to the spices it contains. These plants that you cannot find individually in daily life are presented in the form of paste with this mixture.
Mesir paste contains anise, coconut, indigo, scavenger, black cumin, darfülfül, mustard seed, greenhouse, black pepper, clove, cumin… When these spices come together, they increase sexual power. With its aphrodisiac effect, these spices have a positive effect on appetite as well as sexual power. This mixture from our ancestors is also extremely effective against stomach ailments.

It is good for flu and cold
Mesir paste, which is the most important value of Manisa, continues to distribute healing for centuries. Mesir paste, which was made with a mixture of 41 kinds of spices by the palace physician of the period Merkez Efendi, about 5 centuries ago, was healing to Ayşe Hafsa Sultan, the mother of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, and is also good for many diseases. While mesir paste is a source of healing against many diseases such as flu and colds that occur especially in winter, the effect of mesir paste has also been demonstrated by scientific studies.


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